Optimizing AMP Stories

with specific SEO tactics.

AMP Stories are a new way for storytelling on the web. They adopt the story format, and can help you win users.


Here are some Stories specific SEO tactics that were published by Google earlier this month.


#1: Use the Built-in mechanism to attach metadata

Make sure all your Stories follow these metadata guidelines. Additionally, make sure you include all the title, description,, OGP, Twitter card, etc. markup you would include in any other web page.

2#: Integrate Stories into your website

E.g. if your Story is about a travel destination and you have a page that lists all your travel articles, then also link the Stories on that category page.

3#: Use URL format for your Stories

There is no need to indicate in the URL of a Story that it is using the AMP Stories format. Ideally your Stories are integrated into a wider URL strategy.

4#: Use Page attachments

Page attachments can be used to present additional information in “classic article form” alongside your Story.

5#: Add meaningful “alt” text

Don't omit "alt" text for images in Stories. Google strongly recommends adding meaningful "alt" text where appropriate to optimize for accessibility and indexability of your content.

6#: For videos, add alt text also, and provide subtitle

Consider providing subtitles and/or captions for the videos, and also add the precise text displayed inside of the video as a "title" attribute on the amp-video element.

7#: Optimize for Desktop

Because your stories can be shown in a landscape mode, if you enable the support-landscape tag, make sure to optimize for web as well.

8#: AMP Stories should be self-canonical

Although AMP Stories are created using the AMP framework, AMP Stories should be self-canonical. Make sure to AMP-validate your Web Stories.

As a final reminder: Content is king!

Like any web page, providing high quality content that is useful and interesting to your users is and will always be the most important “SEO tactic” that cannot be ignored.

We currently provide SEO for all stories published from our editor. If you want to build one, let us know!