MARCH 7, 2019

Why Startups can't ignore the Nocode Movement

Published by John Doe

Software as usual is transforming, and new opportunities for startups are unlocking.

- Anita Kirkovska, Growth at Ampstor

I loved this post by Makerpad. Sally said that the No-code movement is changing who gets to be a builder, and the barrier to building something is getting much lower. This is completely true and it is just starting.

Image: NASA

No-code is here to make your life easier. There are a lot of things that you can easily do with no code, that will otherwise cost you a lot of money, or take a lot of time on your plate. 

Apart that no-code tools are here to make your life easier, you also invest in your business agility. Building apps can be much faster, and way cheaper.

Image: NASA

All this leads to this final benefit that kind of wraps everything that we’ve talked about before. The core action that you need to do for your new startup is to validate your idea. No-code lets you cut down on time spent for app development, and start working instantly on your idea, with a goal to publish fast.